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On September 15, the Occupy movement and the Real Democracy Now movement, in solidarity along with numerous initiatives and organizations, artists and personalities from science, politics, culture will publicly support and demonstrate to manifest our following positions:
People all around the world go on the streets and occupy the squares, in order to achieve a fundamental change. The massive problems and issues of injustice in economy, nature and social interaction, are caused by an unjust, destructive economic and monetary system, continuous erosion of democracy, and unequal distribution of wealth. The system is not having a crisis, the system IS the crisis! Only together we will be able to develop a way of living together fairly and equally!
People from all parts of society feeling themself not represented by “politics” and want to shape the society they live in themselves. Let’s look into the future together, so that everyone has a voice, and everyone will be heard: We want decentralized structures and grassroot democracy!
War only serves private interests, not only of the weapons industry. National elites use it to extend the territories of their influence – at the cost of countless human lives. Entire areas are being destroyed and made uninhabitable every day – in the name of “our” democracies, with the help of “our” governments. Stop all wars, and all preparations for war! Start the disarmament immediately! Stop all arms production!
In the course of the financial crisis a politics of impoverishment was implemented worldwide. Banks and corporations use the crisis to extend their influence and power bit by bit. Within the EU the financial crisis is being rewritten as a sovereign debt crisis, in order to cut back democracy, workers’ rights, wages and welfare state, and to privatize the remaining commons. This politics is only being persued in the interest of an elite and must be stopped immediately! We call for global solidarity and a redistribution of wealth!
We expect the unrestricted, worldwide implementation of human rights. We insist on an end to government surveillance of private living space, unrestricted right of assembly, as well as unrestrained freedom of opinion and press!
We consider being out of the question, that politics, economic- and financial system need to be radically reorganized. There is enough for everybody. Hunger and poverty are the result of unequal distribution.
Stop the profit- and growth-mania!
Stop the degradation of people to “human capital”!
Stop the overexploitation of nature!
Cooperation instead of competition!
Solidarity and democracy instead of capitalism!

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